Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Kitchen Is Shaping UP

We took delivery of more kitchen equipment today. 

One of the items being THIS delightful convection oven.  I can feel the heat already...

And talking of heat - can you remember this exhaust hood the Machinist manufactured?  We tested it out and it almost swallowed a tea towel, once it had been released from our hands

The completed recessed lights, secured with stainless steel framework:

The plastic has been ripped off, revealing walls of steel.  Stainless, that is...

...and furthermore, it's starting to look like a bakery kitchen. 

One of the benches the Machinist and Son made.  See the tap? This swings around so that it not only fills the sink, but also extra large pots - or even the mop bucket.

The mixers.  Ready and waiting.  On your marks, get set....

The old, but faithful pizza / pie oven:

Finally, the area of the kitchen where one of us will end up at the end of the day.  It's quite fitting that the scullery is a dark photo...


  1. Oh wow! What a kitchen! And I have just moved into my temporary one in the house - two tables to put everything on, one calor gas cooker donated by friend, one camping table to eat off, one cupboard in wretched state but Ok for tins, and loads of plastic boxes to put everything else in. But at least it is better than cooking in the caravan! But oh my! What a super duper kitchen you are getting. Loved that tap!

  2. Vera, I know exactly what you mean. I think I'll post what still is our dining room in France to see if I'm less posh than you.

    Helen, it really is magnificent. You have all worked so hard and I feel really happy for the benefits you are reaping now. When is the big day of opening so I can get the bunting ready this end?

  3. Wow - This is going to be some kitchen. How exciting! I sure wish I didn't live so far away. I would love to come to see and I know the pies are going to be delicious. What is your estimated opening day?

  4. This is so exciting, and your kitchen looks so wonderful. I bet your pies taste fantastic, my mouth is starting to water just thinking about all of the different ones. Wow, your scullery IS dark, mine is light and happy. DH worked in the scullery in the US Navy and it was no picnic.

    Enjoy this wonderful adventure in your lives.