Monday, October 25, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heating Up

The newest instalment at the DAILY PIE!

Our fan-forced woodfire.
Made by the Machinist of Debco Engineering.

We believe in giving things a new life, our fire is no exception. What started out life as a safe, has been transformed into what will keep your knees warm on your next visit.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010






Well who would believe it? The Daily Pie is two months old. Not only that but we’re about to hold our first Upper Crust Pie Club members event – PIE AND CHAI – on Friday 18 June.

Queen of Chai, Anthea Cahill, and Queen of Pie, Helen De Bruin invite you to come and sample the spicy warmth of Real Chai and Helen’s latest pies, including her fabulous Vegetarian Pie. Helen’s recipes are, of course, top secret, but in the new veggie pie I’m tasting fennel and the Fetta cheese just can’t hide itself can it?

The night starts from 5.30pm when Anthea and Helen will ply you with samples and you can cosy up by the hunky black stove. Around 6.15pm Anthea will give a talk and demonstration on how to make perfect chai, including chocolate chai. She’ll even dragoon some of you from the audience to help.

Then you can feel free to talk to Anthea about her product, buy some to take home, order pie dinner from the cafĂ© or simply buy a cup of coffee and sit and chat for a while with friends. All very Friday night really and well worth levering yourself out of that arm chair – no matter how tempting it is to sink lower into it as the winter sets in.

Helen will be inventing a special chai infused choclatey sweet pie for the night. Yuuuummm. The recipe will appear on the website after the event but Upper Crustians will get a copy on the night.

RSVP to this email or give Barbie a call please on 0419 492 658 so we can cater adequately. We hope to see a goodly number at this first members event. You are welcome to bring family and friends but please let us know. We don’t want anyone to go home pieless or chailess.

The Pie Team

(Sweet as!)


Would you like to join The Upper Crust?

It's our Pie Club - it's easy as pie to join and it's free.

Send us your Name, Email Address and Phone Number and we'll invite you to special members only functions. We'll also keep you posted from time to time about special events, new pies on the menu, pie merchandise and new produce in store and other interesting piesy news.

(BUT don't worry- we won't bombard you with emails- we'll only write when we want to tell you something we'd like you to know before everyone else.)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre Opening Pie Tasting

The Daily Pie held a pre-opening pie tasting morning on the 24th March 2010.  Here, the Mayor of the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Mr John Shaw, cuts the chain, officially openining the Daily Pie cafe to the Public ... and World.  Initially, the Machinist handed him a hack saw and the Mayor's jaw dropped, then proceeded to hand him the appropriate tool: bolt cutters. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Test Kitchen

We've been in the Daily Pie test kitchen, becoming more and more familiar with Mr Pork, Mr Lamb, Mr Chicken and Mr Beef.  They've been dowsed (in no particular order) with fresh herbs, cream, red wine, white wine, a number of spices and a variety of other ingredients.  Naturally, the family are pie tasters and testers.  Next on the agenda is something for the vegetarians...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Kitchen Is Shaping UP

We took delivery of more kitchen equipment today. 

One of the items being THIS delightful convection oven.  I can feel the heat already...

And talking of heat - can you remember this exhaust hood the Machinist manufactured?  We tested it out and it almost swallowed a tea towel, once it had been released from our hands

The completed recessed lights, secured with stainless steel framework:

The plastic has been ripped off, revealing walls of steel.  Stainless, that is...

...and furthermore, it's starting to look like a bakery kitchen. 

One of the benches the Machinist and Son made.  See the tap? This swings around so that it not only fills the sink, but also extra large pots - or even the mop bucket.

The mixers.  Ready and waiting.  On your marks, get set....

The old, but faithful pizza / pie oven:

Finally, the area of the kitchen where one of us will end up at the end of the day.  It's quite fitting that the scullery is a dark photo...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodbye Golden Fleece....

Multiple plumbing parts have been purchased and kitchen wet areas are 'plumbed in'.  Light fittings are fitted and awaiting their light coverings.  The gents and ladies toilets are in  - all shiny and new, complete with hand basins within the cubicles.

The former Golden Fleece building is about to embark on a new lease of life.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking Up (Kitchen) Residence

After much scrubbing, disinfecting and hosing, most of the kitchen equipment has been moved from our Machine Shop, Barn and rear decking at home and has taken up residence in the commercial kitchen. The Equipment awaits a visit and treatment from the electical guy, as well as the gas and water guy and promises sincerely to perform it's duty, - to it's best ability - shortly thereafter.

We Floored It

The kitchen floor now has a two part epoxy high solids industrial grade coating in "Koala Grey" colour. It has an orange peel finish, too - easy to clean and '...does not support bacterial growth'.  I like that.  No slipping, either.  I like that too.

On the other hand, the cafe/ gallery floor has a clear two part epoxy, which brings out the colours and blemishes in the cement and gives it an industrial look, which is what we wanted to achieve.  Some parts of the floor look like a patchwork quilt, which proves that finished concrete - especially aged concrete - is definitely not just grey / white. 

Commercial coving has been applied to the base of the walls, which gives both areas that 'finished' look.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dust Awaaayyy!

One of the labour intensive tasks still to be done is the floor preparation in both the kitchen and gallery / cafe section of the building. After months and months of sanding, grinding, bashing, sawing and painting, a 'covering' of fine, powder-like dust became a permanent drape, despite regularly sweeping and vacuuming. In order to apply 2 part floor preparations as per Council regulations, the cement floor had to be void of all - mess. 

That's where 'Who's Your Daddy' came into action. 

Dust and powderlike particles?


Letting Off Steam

This is the extractor fan, mounted on the roof of The Daily Pie. Note it's colourful 'boot' - a seal to prevent water seeping back into the kitchen, via the exhaust hood.  And by golly - just in time.  Can  you see those rainclouds?

The utility was parked at the side of the building with the extractor fan on the back tray.  A strap was tied around the fan which was then hoisted up onto the roof and carried to the hole.  Sealed and delivered!