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Well who would believe it? The Daily Pie is two months old. Not only that but we’re about to hold our first Upper Crust Pie Club members event – PIE AND CHAI – on Friday 18 June.

Queen of Chai, Anthea Cahill, and Queen of Pie, Helen De Bruin invite you to come and sample the spicy warmth of Real Chai and Helen’s latest pies, including her fabulous Vegetarian Pie. Helen’s recipes are, of course, top secret, but in the new veggie pie I’m tasting fennel and the Fetta cheese just can’t hide itself can it?

The night starts from 5.30pm when Anthea and Helen will ply you with samples and you can cosy up by the hunky black stove. Around 6.15pm Anthea will give a talk and demonstration on how to make perfect chai, including chocolate chai. She’ll even dragoon some of you from the audience to help.

Then you can feel free to talk to Anthea about her product, buy some to take home, order pie dinner from the cafĂ© or simply buy a cup of coffee and sit and chat for a while with friends. All very Friday night really and well worth levering yourself out of that arm chair – no matter how tempting it is to sink lower into it as the winter sets in.

Helen will be inventing a special chai infused choclatey sweet pie for the night. Yuuuummm. The recipe will appear on the website after the event but Upper Crustians will get a copy on the night.

RSVP to this email or give Barbie a call please on 0419 492 658 so we can cater adequately. We hope to see a goodly number at this first members event. You are welcome to bring family and friends but please let us know. We don’t want anyone to go home pieless or chailess.

The Pie Team

(Sweet as!)

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  1. Im Michael the chef and owner of the Daily Pie Cafe In Pie Town New Mexico USA Good luck with your shop I may just come and visit some day. I would Love to learn about meat pies, we make dessrt pies here in the US but I need to add a savory pie or 2 to the menu.
    Michael Rawl Pie Town New Mexico