Monday, September 7, 2009

An Exhaust(ing) Project

For the past several weeks, the exhaust hood for the Cafe kitchen has been in design and manufacture mode in our Workshop.  We're fortunate to have the equipment to make most items needed for the Cafe, as well as the skills to make them.  Here is the Machinist on our trusty old forklift, maneuvering the hood through the 'hood - up to the Shop.  The filters and lights will be fitted when the exhaust hood is in situ in the kitchen ceiling.  Then we can start baking in a REAL commercial kitchen.

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  1. I've been AWOL, with schoolwork and assorted wanderings.
    I didn't put TDP on my sidebar, so we weren't attached by the umbilical.
    I gotcha now and all is well.
    I love seeing such progress on the shop.