Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitchen In The Raw

Starting with the exhaust hood area, please enjoy a clock-wise tour of the (yet unfinished) kitchen, where we'll be baking flakey, buttery and delicious pies for your enjoyment.  Please note that this building was once a *Golden Fleece* roadhouse, and was VERY rough when we acquired it. And so - here's our "diamond" in the "rough".  Use your imagination...

Here's where we'll be cooking pie fillings and then baking completely assembled pies:

Here's where we'll be keeping the baking trays on baker's trolleys:

Here's where we'll fit the underbench fridge for the storage of pie fillings.  To the right is the power box, which will be completely closed in a built-in cupboard (for the electrician's eyes only).

The back door for food delivery.  Note the piece of machinery to the right of the door? This was one of the FEW usable items left behind. It is a Pulford Air Compressor and we've made good use of it as we've built the wall frame-work (nail gun).

This is where we'll keep all the cold storage.  On the other side of the wall is a store room.

Freezer and dry storage.  On the other side of the wall are the male and female toilets.

A prep-sink and wet area will go here.  On the other side of the wall, you can see the main cafe/ gallery:

Here is the scullery (which divides the cafe serving counter from the kitchen), complete with exhaust, plumbing and drainage and waiting for stainless steel wall sheeting.

We sincerely hope you have a great imagination! 


  1. I have to nap after reading your Daily Pie posts...I'm exhausted just watching. I'm waiting for the smell of pies baking to be waifing through the air.....with pictures of course.

    This is all going to be so wonderful when you get it done.

  2. MMMMM looks good cant wait for that first pie ,send me a scratch and sniff email please,looks like cooking and food are in our blood,,kemo ,you,and i cook a mean poitjie,,hope it all worx out,,remember itll be the kids who inherit,,so get em working now,

  3. These pies already look delicious. Will you ship international? Such a lot of work. You're so ambitious. Good for you.
    BTW, will you still have your other blog, or is this a replacement?

  4. What an amazing transformation Helen!!! Looking forward to chai and pie tonight.

    Anthea :-)